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We are CONSTANTLY looking for homes of all different styles, design and sizes. Projects vary so widely you just never know what we will need next! From conservative to bold....from historic and quaint to minimalist. From the warm and cozy to the sleek and modern. From simple to sophisticated. Indoors, outdoors, businesses and more!

By submitting today, you will be added to our database and will be notified when a project might be a great fit for your space. Then you can decide if you want to be submitted to our client based on the shoot date and hours, size of the production, rental rate etc. 
If it is good enough for YOU to call "home", then I want to see it! 

There is nothing to lose by submitting your home but you could have the potential financial gain and the unique exciting experience of renting your home for filming.

How fun would it be to see your beautiful space on TV?


Please email

Use Subject Line:  "Home Location + Your Name"

In the email please include: as much of the following info as you can:

- Your Name

- Phone #

- Address

- Neighborhood name, if applicable & county

- Is there an HOA? Gate?

- Square footage

- # of bedrooms 

- # of bathrooms

- Any special property features (interior or exterior)

**Attach as many photos of the following rooms/spaces as possible:

(You can also submit as a file share link (ie DropBox, WeTransfer, Hightail etc).

Phone photos should be taken with your camera phone held horizontally to show the widest angles.

Please take a few different angels within each room so we get a sense of the full space. 


- Full front exterior to include driveway, garage, landscaping etc 

- Street view in both directions- so we can see what is surrounding on either side of the home

- Backyard, deck, lanai, patio, porch, garden, shed, pool house, guest house, fire pit

- Any outdoor features: Pool, outdoor playgrounds/swing sets/playhouse, barn, shed, coops, farm animals, barn, pole barn, courts, outdoor grilling/kitchen, gazebo, fire pit, garden etc.



(Please include as many rooms as you have that you would allow filming in. Shoot images horizontally for wider angles and from several positions within each room so we get a sense of the full space. Please open blinds/windows for natural light. If you have many images to send it may be easiest to send via file share such as a DropBox link, WeTransfer, Hightail etc).

- Entryway

- Living Room

- Dining Room

- Breakfast Nook

- Family Room

- Kitchen

- Master Bedroom

- All Secondary Bedrooms

- Office/Den

- Rec Room/Bonus Room/Game Room

- Laundry Room

- Any other indoor features

Submit a Home
Submit MyBusiness


To submit your business for consideration for commercial filming please email the following info to with the subject "Business Location

- Your Name

- Your Phone #

- Business name 

- Business Address

- Type of business

- Square footage

- Are days and times for filming flexible or rigid?

- What is parking in the immediate area like?

- What sound challenges are there? Ex: trains, planes, noisy business next door, traffic out front, residents above etc?

- Are there any other partners, property managers/owners or decision makers that would be involved if your location is chosen?

- Style & available areas/features for filming (example do you have a large modern lobby, a stylish boardroom, a quirky co-work space, a cafe or coffeehouse vibe, maybe an outdoor beach bar? I am looking for ALL types of businesses!

- CURRENT photos taken of all the spaces that you would allow filming in.

Pro Tip: shoot the images horizontal on your phone and from multiple angles within each room. 

Once you submit your home or business you will receive a what to expect PDF mailed to you

Contact Briana

Tampa Bay Florida and beyond


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I look forward to helping you!

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