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Palm Trees

Hi Team! 

Here is your need to know for todays shoot. 


CALL OR TEXT BRIANA - 412-335-3144 (tap my number to call directly)

Not part of our production but seeing all the hub-bub so you scanned the QR code?

Well, hey there!  We are all curious creatures, so thanks for your interest. This week we are proud to be part of the Visit St Pete Clearwater tourism campaign. We are filming and photographing a lot of what the wonderful area has to offer - from the world renowned museums and local artists to the hot nightlife, amazing food, the uniquely active St Pete Pier to the beautiful and enchanting beaches. So, next time you see a VSPC Ad on TV, in the airport, online or just about anywhere you can say "Wow, I saw them filming that!" If you have any questions or need to address an issue - please don't hesitate to call me. Briana - the location manager 412-335-3144. 

Live locally?

Interested in submitting your home or business for commercial filming? It is a fun way to make extra money and earn some bragging rights amongst family and friends.


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