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Tampa Production Locations


So you saw our sign at a location did ya?  

What would you like to know?

All the Hub-Bub

YES! If you got to this page from scanning a QR code, then you likely saw some activity surrounding TV commercial production today and I hope you are here out of fun curiosity! 

I am Briana Michel, Location Scout and Manager for TV productions in and around Tampa Bay, FL.  As founder of  I am happy to speak with you whether it is just being a nosey neighbor (aren't we all?), your house  or business was feeling left out of its 5 minutes of fame or you are wondering when the heck we are leaving so you can have your parking space back... I got you covered! 

Have a concern or question regarding activity surrounding the shoot?

We do our best to make the least impact we can on the communities we enter and go through all proper permissions and permitting to be there, but we can make quite a splash with some of our larger productions.


If there is an issue with any of our activity please let me know right away and I will see what we can do to make it right. My cell is 412-335-3144.

We appreciate you being as understanding as possible as we are here typically only for one day and really try to be respectful of all surrounding homeowners, patrons, clients, homes or businesses depending where we are. 


Have no issue and just think the behind the scenes is super cool? Even after years, we still do too!  

Want to see how you can get your home or business  in on the action next time?


Visit out Submit A Location page.  

Publix Kids Shoot
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