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Not part of our production but seeing all the hub-bub so you scanned the QR code?

Well, hey there!  We are all curious creatures, so thanks for your interest. I feel we are fortunate to do what we do because so many wonderful people are involved in bringing great visions to life AND every day is different so new adventure awaits! This week we are proud to be part of the Nestle Purina Dog & Cat Food Commercial shoot brought to life by Canyon Road Entertainment. 


While we can make a obvious splash with our production,  we do try to be as respectful to members of the community and passersby as possible. We hope that even though you may have had to reroute your steps today to be considerate of filming, that you see it as a cool moment in time vs any real nuisance. Thanks so much! 
Live locally?

Interested in submitting your home or business for commercial filming? It is a fun way to make extra money and earn some bragging rights amongst family and friends.


Have a Question or Isssue?

CALL OR TEXT BRIANA (Location Mgr) - 412-335-3144 (tap my number to call directly)

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