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Client: Suntek 

Permitting involved getting permissions and escorts for luxury cars to be allowed on a public pier. 


  • Location Scouting - Homes of all sizes and styles, offices, specific businesses, public spaces, private venues, golf courses, labs, medical setting, roadways, barns, land, gyms, unique structures and much more.

  • Print, Film & Commercial

  • Tampa Bay, FL and beyond!

  • Challenging finds & requests

  • Permitting, police, road closures

  • Rolling roadblocks

  • Intermittent traffic closures

  • Parking logistics and  mapping

  • Detailed shoot day location management

  • Post shoot clean up and wrap out

Fresh & New Options

Professional  & Positive Attitude

Excellent Attention to Detail

Thorough Shoot Day Location Management


Briana Michel

Briana has over 13 years of experience in the commercial and DRTV industries from being a host on camera to behind the scenes as a talent recruiter, line producer and before and after transformation trial program manager to strategic location management.  Because of her years of diversity within the industry, Briana understands the moving parts, time constraints of shoot days and the needs and responsibilities associated with scouting, properly securing and then  managing ideal locations for clients so they can focus on creating the beautiful, powerful advertising they have in mind.

BONUS! Briana is married to a Director/DP and being on set working closely with him over the years has allowed her to develop an advantage to knowing the needs for a location from a DP's unique perspective. She thinks through potential lighting challenges, sun scouting, space requirements, crew needs and so on to weed out the unfit locations and only present the ones of top value that check the most boxes.


If you are looking for a pleasant, organized and well managed locations experience, you came to the right place! 

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