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Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Submit Your Home or Business for Filming

Briana is always on the hunt for fabulous homes and businesses that will be "film-friendly" and welcome a professional crew into their space for a day of filming in exchange for payment. All productions are with professional production crews and are fully insured.

Each project is unique and the needs as well as location rental fees change based on that.



By submitting your home or business, Briana will have your contact information and images of your space(s) so that when a project arises that may be a good fit, Briana will contact you directly to see if you are interested and available based on the details of that particular shoot. 

Your personal information will not be made public. If you choose to participate as a paid location, you must be willing to sign a location usage release allowing filming and usage of all images, video and audio taken during filming hours for the purposes and scope of that project.


You will also need to provide a current year W9 for payment to be released to you on the day of the shoot. 


As the home or business owner you will receive a copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) prior to the shoot day.


You will receive payment for the use of your home/business ON the day of the shoot. 


To submit your home please take the following photos (SHOOT with your phone horizontal to show the width of the room please and NOT vertically)

Homes can be all sizes, styles, niches and decor. Needs vary widely from shoot to shoot 

Email the following to

Use the Subject Line: "HOME LOCATION + Your Last Name"

In the email include: 

- Your Name

- Phone #

- Address

- Attach current photos or a link to a file share with photos (see photo request details below) 



Front of home:

- Show the entire front of home staring from the yard/street

- Also shoot some from an angle so we can see what flanks either side of the home as well

- if there is a detached garage, nice driveway or other feature be sure to capture those too

Back of home: 

- Photos of yard, patio, pool, outdoor kitchen kids play equipment, gazebo etc. Any features you  may have.  The more angles you can take the better. 



(Please take photos horizontally and from a few angles within each room. Best to take photos during the day with natural light coming in. Please make beds in bedrooms and tidy any clutter that doesnt' usually belong there) 

Submit as many rooms from below that you have/would allow filming in: 

  • Kitchen

  • Family Room

  • Dining Room 

  • Living Room

  • Master Bedroom 

  • Master Bathroom

  • Any secondary bedrooms that have some style to them

  • Office

  • Bonus, game or playroom

  • Loft

  • Any other areas or features that may be unique to your home


To Submit your business or non-home location please email  using the subject line "Business Location" and include the following info: 

  • Your Name

  • Your Phone #

  • Business Name

  • Business Address

  • Your relationship to that business (ie. Owner, Marketing Mgr, Partner, Employee etc)

  • Business Website & Social Media Pages, if applicable

  • Attach or link to a file share or web gallery of photos of the exterior and interior from as many angles in as many rooms as filming would be allowed. If there are windows, then images should ideally be taken during the day.


Contact Briana Michel with any further questions using the form below or email

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